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More than just a workout

"We create an enriching Player Development environment that helps athletes become better basketball players and better people. From the young hooper just starting out, to the seasoned professional, we create purposeful skill development sessions that cater to the needs of each individual."


Ashley Cookson, Founder & Head Coach

Basketbal Nomad


We collaborate with the athlete to create Individual  an performance plan. Establish the goals in order to plan purposeful sessions and track our progress!  


Skills Sessions

Develop the skills that will allow you to thrive in the game. Become a better scorer, facilitator and decision maker in a fun and challenging environment. 


Video Analysis

From analysing shooting technique to breaking down game footage. We use video pre, during and post session to track development 

Mindset Training

Develop the mindset that will allow you to thrive on and off the court. Learn strategies to cope with adversity, build confidence and stay in the moment.