Pilot 3x3 league

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February 20th & 27th

March 6th, 13th & 20th


Boys - 10.30am-11.30am

Girls - 11.30Am-12.30am

Armbrae academy 

What is Pilot 3X3 League?

Our Pilot 3x3 League provides U14/U15 athletes the opportunity to compete in a 5 week 3x3 tournament presented by Basketball Nomad and sanctioned by Basketball Nova Scotia and Canada Basketball. This will be a unique basketball experience where athletes will have an opportunity to compete in a fast paced and high energy environment playing within the FIBA 3x3 framework.

This is a ‘Pilot’ league that will be the official introduction of the FIBA 3x3 format in Nova Scotia. The idea is to expand upon this league in the near future, having multiple age groups participate in multiple events across the province. 

Our Mission

To create a learning environment through the vehicle of FIBA 3X3 that allows athletes to compete, build leadership skills and ENJOY their basketball experience. 

Who Can participate?


Boys + Girls

2006, 2007 & 2008 Born.

Basketball Nova SCotia


What do I get?

2-3 Games

Per Week

Reversible 3X3


More Space. More Shots. More Fun!

3X3 gives athletes more opportunities to progress their skills. Enjoy the freedom of 3X3 with an abundance of opportunities to shoot! 


Athlete Centered


We create a learning environment that allows the athletes to explore. Explore their skill levels, competitiveness and leadership while coming up with their own solutions playing 3X3.


All Abilities Welcome

Want to have fun with your friends or you're an aspiring Olympian. We've got you covered!


How it works

Session 1

Athletes will be placed into teams, learn the FIBA 3X3 rules and will play in 'Pre Draft' games. Ranking points will still be earned so every games count!

Session 2,3 + 4

League play commences. Athletes will receive their team draft information before the start of every game day (Saturday).  Athletes will play in 2-3 games per event. 

Session 5

Finals day! Last opportunity to earn ranking points and be crowned Pilot League champs!

Ranking Points

Earn INDIVIDUAL ranking points:

-1 Point For Event Attendance

-1 Point for a loss

-2 Points for a win

STep 1

Book your place by filling out the form and paying here.


Step 2

Click the button below to create a FIBA 3X3 profile.


Step 3

You're signed up! Keep an eye out for a confirmation email and details of our first session. In the mean time: